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....because Line Dancing is fun

Feathertop Stomp

Polo Shirts ONLY

Club Polo and T-Shirts design with logo

Feathertop Stomp and Club Polos/T-Shirts, Jackets & Vests.

Orders are open for all shirts and jackets in your choice of colours, below are links to view the colour options.

#Feathertop and *Club Polos & *Club T-Shirts are $32 choice of colours, The logo colour depends on the shirt colour, see Pictures and links below.

*Club Jackets - GoldenYellow Embroided Thread. $60

*Club Vests- Golden Yellow Embroided Thread. $55

*Club Shirts orders will close 15th March

#Feathertop Stomp Polos orders will close Friday 19th May

Below is a contact form if you have a question or if you want to place an order.






Line Dancing

Gold Embroidery is in the style of the Picture below. This here just gives you an idea of how it looks.

Mens and Ladies Polo's

Club & Feathertop Stomp

Mens and Ladies T-shirt's

Club Logo as per polos

Mens and Ladies

Fleecy Jackets

Mens and Ladies

Fleecy Vests

Club Shirts and Jackets